2021 ILCA 6 (Radial) Men's World Championship

Monday 29 November 2021 - Monday 6 December 2021
OMAN, Al-Musannah Sports City

Event Overview

The 2021 ILCA 6 (Radial) Men's World Championship will be held in Mussanah, OMAN, hosted by the Oman Maritime Sports Committee at the Barcelo Hotel.  

This is a restricted entry allocated championship. Sailors wishing to enter must first complete an application form, accessible through the menu above.

Total entry for this event is limited to 50 sailors.

Important Dates

  • Applications open:  15 June 2021, 00:01 US Central Time
  • Close of applications for initial ranking and allocation of places:  30 August 2021, 23:59 US Central Time
  • First round of entry offers:   07 September 2021, 00:01 US Central Time
  • Open for Late applications:  08 September 2021, 00:01 US Central Time
  • Entry Closing Date:   30 October 2021, 23:59 Central US time


COVID-19 Notice 

It is the intention and goal of the organizing authority to hold this event as scheduled. As everyone can recognize, the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and many travel restrictions have been in place for some time. Although the organizers are hopeful for improvements, the situation remains dynamic and it is not clear what changes in circumstances will occur as we move forward. The situation is being regularly monitored and any decisions that are made affecting the schedule of the event will be communicated with applicants as soon as possible after being made. 

Event organizers cannot provide guarantees against potential travel restrictions for any specific individuals at any time. As we move through the application and entry process, it is up to each potential competitor to evaluate his or her personal situation and make logistical and financial decisions about their ability to participate and the possible risks involved.

Specified in the Notice of Race: After entry applications are opened and until the start of the event the organizing authority will monitor the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or other potential disruptions to the event and, having regard for the health and safety of all participants as well as any government travel restrictions or government mandated conditions on gatherings that affect participation in or conduct of the event, may at its sole discretion:

  - Postpone or cancel the event,
  - Change the status of the event from a World Championship to an International Regatta, 
  - Alter the maximum number of entries,
  - Reduce a country’s allocated number of places,
  - Make any other decision deemed necessary in the circumstances.