Frequently Asked Questions - ILCA District Representatives


The initial entry allocation is the number of places in a regatta guaranteed to sailors from each country who submitted applications before the application closing date. When entry offers are first made, they will be offered to sailors from each country in rank order, up to the initial entry allocation.

If a country has fewer applicants than its initial allocation, any unused places will be re-allocated to other countries with waiting sailors.

If a country has more applicants than its initial allocation, sailors will be placed in a waiting queue and may have the opportunity to receive entry offers when unused places from other countries are re-allocated.

The Initial Entry Allocations are based on country membership totals and the number of available places for a specific championship. Because the membership numbers vary from year to year and the entry limit may be different for different events, there is not a single formula that will determine how many places a country receives for any given championship.

The membership numbers required to receive a particular number of allocated places will change from year to year and from event to event because the membership thresholds for each number of allocated places must be adjusted to apply uniformly to all countries and it needs to be set in such a way that the total entry limit for the event is not exceeded. For a specific World Championship, there are thresholds that will enable a country to receive a first allocated place, a second place, a third, a fourth, etc.

Unfortunately, no matter what number is used for a given allocation, there are always countries just below this threshold that do not receive a second (or third or fourth) place, and other countries whose membership total is just above this number who do receive another place. Also, it is often the case that a country you think is “about the same size” as your country may have two or three times more members.

For a more detailed description, see the document ILCA Initial Entry Allocations.

No, the initial allocation for your country cannot be changed by request. However, sailors from your country may still receive additional entry offers when allocated entry places for other countries are not used and possibly re-allocated to your country.

After entry offers are made for the allocated places, there will likely be allocated places that are not used by some countries. These extra places will be re-allocated and given to districts with sailors waiting for an entry offer.

You do not need to ask or apply for more places. If unused places become available, they will be automatically re-allocated by the entry system. See the next question for more details about how this is handled by the entry system.

Each country has a "Target" number of entries that is determined primarily by its membership total as compared with the membership total of other countries and adjusted based on the entry limit of the regatta. These Target values are published on the allocation page for each ILCA World Championship.

The priority for a country to receive an extra place is based on how far below it is from its Target (on a percentage basis), as compared to other countries. Countries that are farther from their Targets will receive extra places ahead of countries closer to their Targets.

For example:
  1. Country A has 2 entries and a Target of 8 and is 75% below its Target (2/8 = 25%)
  2. Country B has 1 entry and a Target of 5 and is 80% below its Target (1/5 = 20%)
  3. Country B would receive an entry offer before Country A because it is further from its Target..
  4. For countries with the same percentage (i.e. the same distance from their Targets), the tie breaker will be in favor of the country with more members.
  5. If the countries have equal membership numbers, the country that paid its dues earliest will have higher priority.

When an extra place is available, the entry system will calculate the distance from the Target for all countries and an entry offer will be given to the highest priority country (i.e. the country furthest below its Target) with a sailor waiting for an offer and with ties broken as described above. The process is then repeated for each additional extra place available.

For a more detailed description or Targets and reallocation, see the document ILCA Re-Allocations.

The Target is a goal for your country to reach. The farther below your Target you are, the higher your priority for receiving re-allocated places.

Your country may receive more entry offers than your Target, but only when there are places available in a regatta and there are no other waiting sailors from countries that are below their Target.

For a more detailed description or Targets and reallocation, see the document ILCA Re-Allocations.

The way to increase your sailors' ability to participate in a ILCA World Championship is to increase your membership relative to other countries. This may result in having additional allocated places as well as a higher Target for receiving re-allocated places.


Go to the ILCA World Championships web page and click on the "District Login" menu item. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate spaces provided to log in.

ILCA does not have access to your password, so we cannot provide that information. If you have lost/cannot remember your password, go to the following website:
Enter your email address in the space provided and instructions for resetting your password will be sent to you. If this address does not match the address we have on file for your account, you will not be able to proceed. If you receive a “Username Not Found message” when you enter your email address, you will need to contact the ILCA.


When you log in to your account, you will see a list of all active ILCA event divisions where sailors from your country have submitted a complete (paid) application. [Note: Sailors are ranked separately for each ILCA event division (for example: Radial Youth Girls will be ranked separately from Radial Youth Boys)].

If there are applications that need to be approved and ranked by you, the event divisions containing those unranked applications will be highlighted.

  1. Click on the event division where you would like to rank your sailor(s).
  2. If there are any applications that you need to "refuse", you should "refuse" those applications.
  3. There are TWO ways to change the order of sailors:
    (a) Use the "handles" (icon with three horizontal bars) in the first or last column to grab the sailor and move them to the desired position.
    – OR –
    (b) Enter a desired rank for a sailor in the text box of the proposed rank column, by clicking on the number in the Proposed Rank column of the sailor you would like to modify and entering the new/desired rank. The sailor will be moved to that position and all other sailors will be adjusted accordingly.
  4. When you are satisfied with the rank order, click on the button marked "Save Ranking" to assign the new ranking.
You may change the rank at any time and as many times as you need. Just position the sailors in the rank order you need, then click on the "Save Ranking" button to save the new ranking.

ILCA does not prescribe to countries how their sailors should be ranked.

Ranking criteria are established by each district and will vary from district to district or even vary for different regattas within a given district. For example, a National ILCA Class may require sailors to have participated in a certain number of local events before their application to a World Championship would be approved. They might rank sailors based on their results over the past two years for the Standard Men's World Championship while they rank sailors by the date in which they submitted applications for the Masters.

It will be up to you and your National ILCA Class Association to determine the appropriate ranking of your sailors for a given event. It may be the "best" sailor (as based on results in specific regattas or as based on recommendations of a coach or any other criteria). It could be based on who has been most active (as determined by the number of regattas competed in over a period of time, or how much time they practice). It could be based on age, with older sailors having priority since younger one's would potentially have more opportunities in the future. It could be based on a combination of factors.

ILCA highly recommends that each country has a clearly stated policy and that your sailors understand the ranking process used by your country.

Entry offers will be made to applicants in order of their rank in your country.

You should "Refuse" their application, and give the reason for your refusal (e.g. "The applicant has not paid Association dues" or "The applicant is not a member of this district.")

  1. In the Active Applications table, click on the row containing the applicant to refuse.
  2. A window will be presented showing sailor details.
  3. Click on the red "Refuse This Application" button.
  4. A warning will pop-up asking if you wish to continue. Click "OK" to Continue.
  5. A text box will appear on the sailor details window. You should enter the reason for the refusal in the space provided then click on the red "Refuse This Application" button.
  6. An email will be sent to the sailor that will include the reason the application was refused and instructing the sailor to contact his National ILCA Class for information about how to resolve the problem.

The earlier you refuse an application, the better. That gives the sailor an opportunity to correct the problem, if possible, and still enter the regatta.

No. Action should be taken on ALL applications. For each application, you must either approve and rank it, or refuse it.

If there are sailors who have not yet met your country requirements to receive an entry offer, while other sailors have met those requirements and you would like them to receive entry offers, you can refuse those who have not yet met the requirements and rank the remaining sailors, who will then be eligible to receive entry offers.

When you refuse an application, you will provide the reason for the action (e.g. sailor has not met the requirements to be eligible). An email will be sent to the sailor that will include the reason the application was refused and instructing the sailor to contact his National ILCA Class for information about how to resolve the problem.

If you would like to wait until all applicants have met the requirements before you rank the sailors, you may contact the ILCA office to request a Late Ranking Date. This will allow you to reserve your allocated places until that Late Ranking Date. NOTE: your country will not be able to receive unused, re-allocated places until after your Late Ranking Date.

After the initial ranking period, any time a completed application is submitted by a sailor from your country, you will receive an email notice. ILCA will also send out weekly notices when you have sailors who need to be approved/ranked. And any time you log in to the system, if there is an event division with one or more applications that need to be approved/ranked these will be highlighted in the list of ILCA events.

Late applicants can be ranked anywhere in your list of Active Applications. Late applications can NOT be ranked ahead of any sailor who has already received an Entry Offer or entered the regatta.

Ranking also includes “approval” of each application. If there is only one sailor on the list, you still need to rank/approve the application; their rank, to receive the next available Entry Offer, will necessarily be 1.

Any sailors who are unranked will not be able to receive Entry Offers. ILCA reserves the right to approve and rank any sailors on your list if you do not take action before the ranking deadline and we have not heard anything from you about a request to set a Late Ranking date. For late applications, ILCA may act to approve and rank applications if we have tried contacting you and have not received a reply in a reasonable time.


If you are not prepared to rank the sailors in your district before the end of a ranking period, you can request a Late Ranking date for that event. Contact the ILCA and let us know the date by which you will be able to rank your sailors. We will hold your allocated places until that date. Please Note: your country will NOT be eligible to receive any extra places until after your late ranking date.

If you have reserved places through a Late Ranking date and you fail to rank your sailors by that date, those places will be forfeit and re-allocated to other countries with sailors waiting for an entry offer.