2023 ILCA 6 Masters World Championship

Wednesday 8 February 2023 - Thursday 16 February 2023

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2023 ILCA 6 Masters World Championship

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A total of 0 applications have been received.

Entry Limit 200  
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Active Offers 0 
Places Reserved 0   from 0 Countries
  200   Places Available

There are 0 ranked applications with status Waiting Entry Offer.
There are 0 applications not yet ranked with status Un-Actioned.
There are 0 applications with status Cancelled by Sailor, Refused Entry Offer, Entry Offer Expired, Application Refused by District, or Application Closed-Out.

For a more detailed explanation of the words used in this application system please read the Application Explanation. In the tables below the 'Application Date' is the date at which the application was first submitted. The 'Actioned Date' is the date that something was last changed for this application and the 'use by date' is the date on which an entry offer will become invalid and be passed to another sailor.